Glow: Variations on a Theme

Glow gridTom Climent, Eamon Colman, William Crozier, Neal Greig, Eilis O’Connell, Peter Martin, James McCreary, Michael Ray, Conor Walton

September 9 to October 29

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10, 1-3 pm

To visually echo the shift from late summer into autumn the gallery has commissioned a group of national artists to explore and interpret the idea and theme of “Glow”.

There are many ways of interpreting “Glow” whether experienced as a continuous radiant beam from a light source, the result of the energy produced by vibrating electric colours, or contrastingly through the gentle light of changing luminosity.  In this exhibition each artist responds to the theme through the media of painting, sculpture and glass.

Here visitors will experience glow through the high voltage palettes of Colman, Climent and Crozier, the light infused paintings of Greig and Walton and the translucent glass works and sculptures of Martin, Ray and O’Connell.

Below is a sample of work that will be included in the show.  More images will be added as they become available and a full catalogue will be available by early September.   Clicking on any thumbnail image will enlarge it and you can then scroll through all the images with full details, including price, along the bottom caption.