West Cork Masters

Cormac Boydell, William Crozier, John Doherty, Tim Goulding, John Kelly, Rachel Parry, Michael Quane, Patrick Scott, Charles Tyrrell

June 30 to July 20, 2017

West Cork is fertile ground for artists.  Some of this renowned group were born here, most arrived between the 1970s and the 2000s, but all have been influenced by the sustaining environment here.  Some came from different parts of Ireland, others from abroad.  Despite, or perhaps because of the geographic remoteness of the area, each artist’s work reflects a strong individuality—there is no West Cork “school”.  This show makes the obvious argument that this part of Ireland has been fertile ground for some of Ireland’s greatest contemporary artists.

Below are most of the works that will feature in the exhibition.  For information on media, size and price, click on the thumbnail images. Watch for a few more works to be added by June 30th.