Jacqueline Stanley: June 26 to July 22

Jacqueline Stanley Opening
Jacqueline Stanley : Along the Margins

Opening Reception: Saturday June 26, 2004, 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Opened by: Peter Murray, Curator, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery

This important solo show features paintings and works on paper depicting different aspects of West Cork and Kerry. Stanley captures the essentail in a way that refocuses our own contemplations of this island’s uniquely beautiful margin.

According to Stanley, “I have found that where mountains meet wetlands, cliffs and shoreline edge the ocean, and flat open spaces change to more textured terrain, these are where my interests lie. These divisions, at the edges and margins, beginnings and endings, are repeated themes.” Her ability to render the vibrant color of the landscape brings out, as she says, “the chrome yellow of the gorse, crimson fushsia, vivid orange montbretia, which leap out of the huge vocabulary of green.” She reminds us how rich the colours, textures and patterns in in the landscape around us truly are.

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