Katherine Boucher Beug: Sing Brother Sing!


July 18 to August 7, 2014

Curated by Gemma Tipton


“Does a painter see the world in two dimensions and a sculptor in three? Working on this exhibition with renowned artist Katherine Boucher Beug, who is also a very good friend, has taken me on a trip into colour, shape and space. From her studio at her adopted West Cork home, we go for walks, talking about life, the universe and everything. Returning later, I see her drawings of the landscape, which open my eyes to new lines, new vistas, new ways of seeing the world. In fact, it is difficult to go for a walk with Katherine without watching the landscape resolve into stripes. Patterns are everywhere.  . . . More



The exhibition will include more than two dozen archival pigment prints from Beug’s Sketchbooks, some of which are included above.  If you would like to see more, please contact the gallery.