Noël O’Callaghan

The main focus of Noël O´Callaghan’s work is the lived moment and how to accurately express its fleeting intensity with fluidity and economy.  “I try to convey a sense of ‘suddenness’ in my work – the immediacy of that moment of perception before there is time to decode the information and categorise it. I hope always to be surprised by the results. I want the works to look light and unlaboured, as if the work of a moment, belying the depth of emotion involved. I am always juggling spontaneity and control.”

Noël O´Callaghan was born in Cork and is the daughter of  the  painter Diarmuid O’Ceallachain (1915-1992). After attending the Crawford College of Art, she graduated from UCC with a degree in English literature. She worked as a professional actor before moving to Berlin in the mid-80s and becoming a full time visual artist. She has a studio in both West Cork and Berlin.

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