Contemporary Realism

Catherine Barron, John Doherty, Mollie Douthit, Martin Gale, Maeve McCarthy

July 1 to August 4, 2016

Opening Reception:  Saturday, July 2nd, 6-8 pm

This large group show brings together work by five of Ireland’s most interesting realist painters.  In a world dominated by digital imagery and photography, the goal of these realist painters is not to merely represent what they see.  They show us what we have overlooked and the undercurrents of meaning in our interactions with the world around us.

Catherine Barron explores distorted perception on the surface of old LP records.  John Doherty celebrates the forgotten glories of old towns or neglected structures in out of the way places.  Mollie Douthit shows us the powerful presence of small, ordinary objects.  Martin Gale’s paintings of rural back roads and isolated people create a sense of mystery.  Maeve McCarthy reminds us of the sensuousness of old-fashioned gardens and flowers.  All create work that is challenging, thoughtful and ultimately very rich.

Exhibition Overview

The set of images below is an overview of most of the work in the show.  Clicking on any thumbnail image will enlarge it and you can then scroll through all the images with full details, including price, along the bottom caption.